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Entrepreneurs join to bring back clean water into Saen Saep Canal

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Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Volume 4/2017, 25 January 2017 (B.E.2560)

Entrepreneurs join to bring back clean water into Saen Saep Canal

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) engages with entrepreneurs to raise awareness of the impact from water quality problems in Saen Saep canal and helps to restore the canal to be cleaned in accordance with the government policy.

BANGKOK, 25 January 2017, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, General Surasak Kanjanarat said the Saen Saep canal was facing to wastewater quality problem that caused from communities, factories and other factors. The solution to the problem then couldn�t be solved by one agency. The Cabinet then approved the Action plan on cleaning up the Saen Saep canal within two years and assign Ministry of Transport to integrate collaboration with relevant agencies to develop improve and restore wastewater in Saen Saeb canal and surrounding areas and bring it to be a water transportation route that are clean and safe as well as beautiful landscape and water tourist attraction in Bangkok. This can make a benefit to the community residents and visitors. However, many agencies have collaborated under the action plan continuously.

Under the action plan, MNRE has taken to resolve wastewater problem in Saen Saeb canal and branch canal as follows: 1. Inspect and enforce wastewater sources strictly by Pollution Control Department; there were 70 percent of entrepreneurs that sewerage was not meet with the standard. 2. Formulate policy proposal of revenue collection for wastewater management by collecting conservation water quality fee with water supply fee. The revenue will be used for a construction of community wastewater treatment plant, rehabilitation of water pollution sources e.g. Saen Saeb canal and 3. Enhance awareness to the community, tourist and others to cooperate in maintaining the canal.

General Surasak Karnjanarat said that to achieve the target, we should get cooperation from private and public sectors. The results are not only beneficial to water pollution problem but also other sectors such as tourism, transport, trade, and investment. This will reflect a better quality of life to people. In this regard, I would like to invite all sectors including private, government and public sectors as well as mass media to implement the action plan namely "To bring back clean water into Saen Saep canal" in order to make Saen Saeb canal to be clean and livable environment.

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