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NBTC cooperated with MNRE: manage old mobile phones

ข่าววันที่ 19 พ.ค. 60


Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Volume 29/2017, 2May 2017(B.E.2560)

NBTC cooperated with MNRE: manage old mobile phones, reduce
resources utilization, prevent hazardous substances diffused to environment

Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) concerned about old mobile phones problem. Representatives of NBTC discussed with the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment on signing cooperation for old mobile phones management and public relations on public awareness and hazardous substance prevention which will be affected to environment and public health.

Mr. Jatuporn Buruspat, Director General of Pollution Control Department (PCD), said that PCD in cooperation with NBTC, mobile network operators, mobile phones shops, government agencies and hazardous waste processors have initiated ?Old mobile phones recycling, charities and makes nation Project? in order to receive 9 million units of old mobile phones within the year 2017. In February 2017, the Subcommittee on Enhancing Strategic Plan on Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility Activities, NBTC met and discussed with General Surasak Kanchanarat, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment about guideline on old mobile phones management and public relations on electronic products waste management. These will make public recognition and awareness on electronic waste management. If old mobile phones have been managed improperly, hazardous substances would be diffused to environment and affected to public health. On the other hand, if they have been recycled and managed properly, materials from recycling process could be produced to build new products. This will make worth resources utilization and reduce using new resources.

From the discussion between NBTC and MNRE, the cooperation framework has been initiated. It consists of five concepts which are 1) setting point of receiving old mobile phones, 2) formulating data based on quantity of old mobile phones 3) making as a criteria contract for mobile phones suppliers to produce less toxic or non toxic products, 4) enhancing awareness to worker on safety in repairing mobile phones, 5) campaigning and making public relation on bring back mobile phones to the receiving points as well as providing knowledge and disseminating information on dangerous of improper mobile phones management and benefit of mobile phones recycling. These concepts support to Act of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipments (WEEE). Subsequently, NBTC and MNRE are going to sign the cooperation in the near future.

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