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PCD implements sustainable consumption and production concept

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Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Volume 27/2017, 20 April 2017 (B.E.2560)

PCD implements sustainable consumption and production concept
to reduce global warming

Pollution Control Department (PCD) has adapted the concept of global consumption and production to the society of sustainable consumption and production. Workshop on Green Public Procurement (GPP) was held to train all representatives from Regional Environment Office, Provincial Offices of Natural Resources and Environment (northern and southern part) and other agencies in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to be the trainers. The objectives of the workshop were to train all participants to be a leader on promoting GPP and to transfer knowledge on GPP correctly to government agencies, academic sectors and local authorities.

Mrs. Suwanna Tiansuwan, Deputy Director General of PCD, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, said that social and economic development of the country depends on natural resources. Consequently, highly resources consumption increase, limit of natural resources then decrease and make environmental problems. Trend of global social and economic development enforces the concept of Green Economy to conform sustainable consumption and production (SCP). The concept expands low carbon economy to increase capacity of climate change for sustainable development. Moreover, all countries aim to implement climate change.

Mrs. Suwanna Tiansuwan also said that Green Procurements support changes of global consumption and production concept into sustainable consumption and production. It is a mechanism to decrease greenhouse gas which is the vital factor of global warming. Previously, PCD has promoted green public procurement to government agencies. Green Public Procurement Promotion Plan was then established; firstly, for the year 2008 - 2011 and secondly, for the year 2013-2016 respectively. The objective of the Plan was to make a role model of government sectors in green public procurement and expand it to local authorities, state enterprises and academic sectors. Subsequently, Third Plan has been developed for the year 2017 - 2021 in order to expand Green Public Procurement to private sectors and people.

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