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Public has cooperated with private sectors to increase hazardous waste drop off points

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Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment

Volume 42/2018, 26 July 2018

Public has cooperated with private sectors to increase hazardous waste drop off points in Bangkok to 4,000

Project on "Civil state cooperation on hazardous waste separation" is launched in cooperation with public and private sectors. 3,815 hazardous waste drop off points have been increased across communitiesin Bangkok areas to facilitate people in separating household hazardous wastefor properly disposal and protection on people?s health and environment.
Ms. Sunee Piyapanpong, Director General of Pollution Control Department said household hazardous wastes were unusable or deteriorate products, containers contaminated hazardous substances such as toxic, corrosion, flammable etc.Approximately 618,749 tons of household wastes wereelectrical and electronic equipment 65% and others 35% and each person generated household hazardous waste7.1 kilograms per year. In Bangkok Metropolitan, household hazardous wastes were 29 tons per day while 993 tons of household hazardous wastes were collected in 2017.Those wasteswere mix with other waste and effectedto health and environment.Non separatedhousehold hazardous waste by throwing in the river and burning will made directly effectto health by skin absorbent, breathing and eating contaminated food and indirectly effect by spreading toxic in household hazardous waste, environment and food chain then reversed to people.
Ms. Sunee also said that this Project has been started in 2017 with the cooperation between public and private sectors including department stores, shopping malls, gas stations etc. in order to facilitate people in Bangkok to drop off their household hazardous wastes. 5 target types of municipal hazardous waste are used mobile batteries, used mobiles, used dry batteries, used fluorescent lamps and used containers contaminated hazardous waste such as spray containers. Those wastes can be left at the hazardous waste drop off point andthey will be collected to dispose properly. Actually, household hazardous waste drop off point is increased to 3,815 and willexpand to other provinces next year. Those who want to dispose household hazardous waste can go to hazardous waste drop off points or other points with symbol of the project. However, everyone can check the household hazardous waste drop off points at QR Code and Download Dropoff point list.

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