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The Minister of MNRE gives policy on "Measures to reduce and separate waste in government sectors"

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Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment

Volume 47/2018, 6 August 2018

The Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has given the policy on "Measures to reduce and separate waste in government sectors"

General Surasak Kanchanarat, the Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment(MONRE) said that MONRE organized the workshop on "Measures to reduce and separate waste in government sectors" in order to inform all government sectors about background, policy and guideline framework on measurement of waste reduction and separation in government sectors in order that they can implement the measures properly and efficiently by themselves. More than 500 participants from 20 ministries attended the Workshop.
This measure is 1 of the 5 activities under the Project on "Do goodnesswiththe heart, decrease environmental impact". It has been approved by the Cabineton 17 July 2018. All government sectors should implement this activityby enhancing and supporting waste reduction and separation in organization in order to make efficient wastemanagement. All government sectors throughout the country are going to start implementing it together on 1 August2018. Thetarget of this activity is one of an efficient indicator of government sectors in the next fiscal year (2019).
Moreover, the initiative target is to change 2.53 million of government officers' behavior in reducing and separating waste as a pilot model for public and private sectors. It is expected that an amount of waste in government sectors will decrease to 12,000 tons per year. Subsequently, budget in waste disposal is supposed to reduce; and waste will have added value from recycling. Additionally, it will reduce greenhouse gas, plastic bags, foam packages, and single-used plastic glasses. This activity is a good practice for people and private sectors to start doing it together.

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