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Preventing guideline on particulate matter in 2019 in Na Pha Lan Subdistrict, Saraburi Province

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Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment

Volume 57/2018, 6 September 2018

Preventing guideline on particulate matter
in 2019 in Na Pha Lan Subdistrict, Saraburi Province

Mr. Thalearngsak Petchsuwan, Deputy Director of Pollution Control Department said that the monitoring result on particulate matter (PM10) in Na Phra Lan subdistrict, Saraburi province was worse more than last year. In 2018 (October 2017 to August 2018), it was found that PM10 in 24-hour average was at 27-303 ?g/m3 while in 2017, it was 19-257 ?g/m3 at the same period (the standard is <120 ?g/m3). For the number of day that PM10 over standard, it was totally 125 days (38.1%) in 2018 (328 days monitored) which was higher than PM10 in 2017, totally 107 days (32.8%) (326 days monitored).

Almost 15 years of being the pollution control area, Na Phra Lan subdistrict, Saraburi province has been improved and solved obviously on particulate matter level. However, PM10 still exceeded standard during the drought season (October to March in next year). This area is the largest of limestone production, stone industry, construction stone and cement in Thailand. The future trends of production and utility of industrial rock and limestone in this area predict to increase at least 5-10% of current products. Pollution Control Department (PCD) then strictly manages particulate matter within the standard and does not make any nuisance to people by integrating public and private cooperation and applying various measures (legal, social, and strictly monitoring measures) together.

In order to solve the problem on particulate matter in Na Phra Lan in the drought season in 2019, PCD arranged the workshop on lesson learned (After Action Review: AAR) in this area. Integrating cooperation with all sectors and managing appropriate implementing activities to the current situation was recommended which were (1) It should be changed on remediation of PM10 from removing dust from public streets and in industries by wet systems (water injection) to dry system (using a car vacuum cleaner) for more efficiency; (2) Industries in the area should control or limit working time during the night especially in crisis period of increasing PM10; 3) Tree plantation should be done to increase green zone and dust protection line; 4) Industries should strictly implement under the law and regulation and should not increase over the carrying capacity of the area; and 5) Industries should strictly control their trucks to cover entirely to prevent falling rock on the road.


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