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Air Quality in the North has been found suitablefor tourism at the end of this year

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Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment

Volume 62/2018, 3 November 2018

Air Quality in the North has been found suitable for tourism at the end of this year

On 3 November 2018, Mr. Pralong Dumrongthai, Director General of Pollution Control Department (PCD) said PCD has monitored air quality in the Northern part of Thailand during 15 October to 1 November 2018. It was found that air quality was within the standard at very good to fair level; air quality index was at 5-56; particulate matter diameter sized less than 10 micron (PM10) in 24 hour-average was at 7-57 µg/m3 (the standard is 120 µg/m3)and particulate meter diameter sized less than 2.5 micron (PM2.5) was at 4-33 µg/m3 (the standard is 50 µg/m3).

In November, Thailand is entering to winter season and rain dispersion also decreasing. From the statistics, air quality at the end of the year remains at very good to fair level which is suitable for tourism and outdoor activities.

Meteorological Department predicts that due to high pressure, cold air mass from China will spread to the Northern part of Thailand during November to December 2018, the weather will be cool and misty in the morning, rainfall accumulation will decrease by 10-20%, and drought will come earlier in which forest fire from dried leaves will cause haze problem.

General Surasak Kanjanarat, Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will visit Tak province in December 2018 to give policy on preventing and resolving haze problem in the Northern part for the year 2019 to concerned agencies. Then they can prevent and solve haze problem immediately and more efficiently.

Mr. Pralong, also said that public can access to real-time air quality data and air quality situationat PCD's website: www.air4thai.pcd.go.th and via mobile phone with the new version of Air4Thai application is included PM2.5 of 9 northern provinces. The application is available for free download on iOS and Android systems.

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