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PCD warning, water quality problem of Algae Bloom in Summer

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Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment

Volume 13/2018, 9 March 2018

PCD warning, water quality problem of Algae Bloom in Summer

Pollution Control Department (PCD)warning,Algae Bloom problem often encounters in the summer in Pasak river, Kwai Pra Pong river, Lum Dome Yai river and Moon River because river is not circulating thennutrients are accumulated. PCD suggests governmentsto strictly enforce permitting onwater discharge into the waterways from various sources during March to May 2018. If algae bloom is found, people should avoid because it may cause itching.
Ms. Sunee Piyapanpong, Director General of PCD said that last year, PCD found algae bloom in summer during March-May in Pasak River (Sao Hai District, Saraburi), Kwai Pa Pong river (Kabin Buri District, Prachinburi), Lum Dome Yai river (Amphoe Phibun Mangsahan, Ubon Ratchathani), Moon River (Phimai District,Nakhon Ratchasima) and reservoirs because river wasnot circulating thennutrients were accumulated and fishes died continuously. PCD recommends that in summer this year during March to May 2018 if algae bloom is found, people should avoid due to itchy rash.
Ms. Sunee also said that problem of algae bloom came from reducing of water in rivers. As a result, nitrogen and phosphorus, nutrient for plants, were increased from human activities such as agricultural and industrial sources, and waste water from households. When nutrients are increased,they will stimulate algae to grow rapidly. When sufficient sunlight is enough, they will photosynthesis and cover over water surface, both in freshwater and sea water. The algae blooms cause many negative problems in the environment which are shortage of oxygen dissolved in water, especially during night time when plants and algae are breathing with oxygen in water. This causewater animal suffocates and cells of the algae die then water sources arerotten andcannotuse. In the case of algaeblooms,people will find several color of water depend on type of algae, such as green, yellowbrown, or red.
Ms. Sunee said that to prevent and solve the algae blooms problem, water sources must be circulated some times by draining out or using aerator/water pump to mix water and add oxygen into the water. Ifthere are seaweeds in the rivers, responsible agencies should remove them before waste water problem by lapping, use absorbent materials or dissolved nutrients dissolved in water. In long-term measures, it should be controlled at source by reducing amount of nutrients entering into water sources, such as strictlydischarge permitting of point sources, particularly in the drought area, promotehousehold wastewater treatment, plant vetiver to prevent nutrient leaching or fertilization from agriculture to water.

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